GREEN LANE / 09.06.2020

Update from our monthly site meeting with the contractor and project manager. All structural work for both ground and first floor has now been completed and we are looking forward to see the progress on the second floor within short period of time. We are still getting impressed by the pace the contractor is able to keep given the unordinary situation with the pandemic we all experience right now.


GREEN LANE / 23.05.2020

Great progress with the structural walls on the first floor including the internal stairwell. Construction team is keeping a quick pace and delivering good quality according to both our project manager and the building control team. We are happy to see the environment on site where all the builders are working really hard to take this project further.


GREEN LANE / 07.05.2020

Update from our monthly site meeting with the contractor and project manager. The structural work for the ground floor is progressing well and we will soon be able to see the work commencing on the first floor together with the internal stairwell.


Pampisford / 11.04.2020

Hoardings and gates have now been installed on construction site at Pampirford Road. Pre-demolition work and rip out will start within a few weeks and we keep working in the background with all planning conditions that needs to be discharged before construction work can comence. The contractor is is well prepared to start the demolition of the current building as soon as we get the green light.

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GREEN LANE / 25.03.2020

Our construction team at Green Lane has been working hard over the last few weeks on the ground work, for the foundation to be cast. We will soon be able to see the completed foundation which will be carrying the whole building of eight apartments split over three stories.